Vodafone no-Froyo Android update angers customers


Vodafone has angered a number of its HTC Desire customers after they downloaded an update they mistakenly thought was the much sought-after Android 2.2 mobile OS.

Instead of Froyo, what they got was an update for Android 2.1, which included a range of Vodafone 360 services, such as access to Vodafone Music and the 360 shop.

Customers have voiced their anger on a Vodafone forum, some complaining about being given branded apps, whilst one asked how the update can be removed.

Unfortunately for the latter Desire owner, once installed the update cannot be taken down, a Vodafone spokesman confirmed to IT PRO.

Another complaint was over the alteration of homepages on Vodafone Desire devices once the update has been installed.

The spokesman said the update will change the settings to switch the homepage to the default My Web interface, but customers can then reset this and pick their own.

"This update was originally planned to be released sooner, hence the confusion around the update now," the spokesman said.

"When we originally announced the HTC Legend and the Desire would be coming to Vodafone, we did say they would be preloaded with 360 services. However, there was a delay in getting the software for the Desire in particular ready, which meant that it's only just now starting to roll out."

Desire customers on Vodafone will be able to use 360 services "as they feel appropriate" and are not prescribed to use them in a certain way, the spokesman added.

"To be absolutely clear, we are still working closely with HTC and Google to get the 2.2 update out as quickly as possible."

Once customers do get their hands on Froyo they will be able to enjoy better performance, a faster browser and an improved Android Market, which will include a handy bug reporting feature.

Tom Brewster

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