Vodafone confirms operator billing for Android apps


Vodafone has rolled out operator billing for Android Apps, meaning users won't have to go through the process of entering credit card details when making a purchase.

The service has been made available in the UK and Germany, allowing users to pay for Android apps either in their phone bills or prepay accounts.

"This evolution in Android app payment greatly improves the user's purchase experience and consequently their likelihood of completing a sale," a Vodafone blog post for developers read.

"In addition to facilitating the best possible user experience, Vodafone operator billing extends your reach to the large number of app buying customers who are unwilling or unable to use credit cards. In some countries this can be more than 90 per cent of the market."

Initially, the service will only be available to those who bought their phones directly through Vodafone's online and retail channels.

Vodafone promised more information on operator billing in other markets outside of the UK and Germany "soon."

In announcing operator billing, Vodafone becomes the first provider to offer such a service in the UK.

Such moves will most likely boost the ever-growing popularity of Android. Read on for our look at whether Android is unstoppable after Google's acquisition of Motorola.

Tom Brewster

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