Google unveils Chrome 6 beta

Chrome logo

Search giant Google has taken the wraps off the latest beta of its Chrome browser as well as updating the current version to fix a Flash flaw.

Aside from the inevitable speed improvements the release is 15 per cent faster on the V8 and SunSpider javascript benchmarks the beta includes a few of the new features expected for Chrome 6, including Autofill.

Chrome will now keep track of name, address, phone number, and credit-card numbers when they're entered into forms, said software engineer James Hawkins in a post on the Chrome blog. However, card details will only be saved when the user approves it.

"For your security, any personal information stored in Chrome is safely stored and kept private until a user chooses to share the information with a website," said Hawkins. "Additionally, your credit card information is never saved without first asking you explicitly."

The beta adds to Chrome's browser syncronisation features, with users now able to sync extensions and Autofill data - but not credit cards - to other computers using their Google Account.

The beta also brings in the latest interface tweaks. "As previewed on the developer channel in June, we have streamlined the upper toolbar, made the Omnibox more approachable, and condensed all of our options into a single menu," he said. "We hope that these visual changes will make Chrome feel even simpler."

Google has also updated the stable version of Chrome. Over the weekend it rolled out changes to the user interface, and this week rolled out another version to update the Flash plugin.

Google is set to start offering a regular update to its browser every six weeks.