Orange changes iPhone 4 pricing plans

iPhone 4

Orange has revamped its iPhone 4 prices, making the 16GB phone available for free on a 50 per month, 24-month contract.

With this deal users will also get 1,200 minutes, unlimited texts and free sat nav with Orange Maps as well as 50 photo messages a month.

Tariffs for the 16GB start at 30 a month with 150 minutes and 250 texts included on the 18 and 24-month plans, although the phone costs 229 on the former contract and 169 on the latter.

The 32GB is not available for free on Orange but can be purchased for 29 on a 75 a month contract, with unlimited minutes and texts.

Tariffs also start at 30 for the 32GB model and have the same minutes and texts. The 18-month deal requires the buyer to shell out 319 for the phone, compared to 269 for the 24-month option.

When Orange launched its initial iPhone 4 prices in June, the only free iPhone 4 handset was on a 75 per month deal.

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