Storage software market gains momentum


The second quarter of 2010 saw strong revenues for the storage software market, despite failing to live up to last quarter's success.

A report from analyst firm IDC showed revenues were close to the $3 billion (1.95 billion) mark, a growth of 3.3 per cent when compared to the same quarter last year.

However, it also showed a 2.3 per cent decrease from the successful first quarter of 2010.

IDC claimed this was in line with overall revenues though in the worldwide external disk storage systems market.

"The gains in the storage software market in the second quarter were largely the result of overall growth from some of the large suppliers," said Laura DuBois, programme vice president of storage software at IDC.

EMC grew its market share by just over two per cent, now holding 24.4 per cent with revenues of $722 million.

Symantec, however, lost just under two per cent, reducing its market share to 16.5 per cent with revenues of $488 million.