Q&A: Vodafone CTO Jeni Mundy on the rise of unified communications

Our enterprise sales account management organisation, who work very closely with us in technology, are very proactive into our customer base around security.

It's something that people who do my job in small and medium organisations worry about, it's a concern. We do proactively go out there and talk a lot about it.

Security is a topic that there is a lot of interest in.

How much of an issue is mobile security in general now?

Different IT departments will have different levels of security policy and different levels of concern, and probably different levels of concern over different roles within their organisation.

Certainly there is the risk that if someone loses one of these and it has got a lot of important information on it, you want to make sure you've got the security on there.

Those business rules and those capabilities are ones that we have in place that we can help other businesses put in place, that is part of how we sell it.

Security is a general growing trend. The organisations who get the balance right between not trying to bolt everything down to a desktop where you can't do anything and letting people have flexible working in a secure way, that is very much the sweet spot.

That's the opportunity. You know, 60 per cent of all data leaves the office today, so to try and stem the tide and stop it leaving, how long is that going to work for? It's not a sustainable long-term solution.

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