Intel expands Cloud Builders project

Cloud computing

Intel has expanded its Cloud Builders programme an initiative that brings together partners together to make it easier to deploy and improve private clouds.

The project will help bring alive the requirements of the previously announced Open Data Centre Alliance by creating solutions.

With the expansion, there are now 20 different leading vendors with 20 reference architectures for the cloud.

Microsoft, IBM and VMware are a few of the big names to have signed up to the Cloud Builders project.

Since the original initiative was launched around two quarters back, the response from the industry has been "overwhelmingly positive," according to vice president in the Intel architecture group Boyd Davis.

Speaking during the launch of the Cloud 2015 vision at CERN's Globe of Science and Innovation in Switzerland, he described the participants in Cloud Builders as a "stunning collection of leaders of IT solutions."

There are also some smaller organisations included in the initiative, who are bringing disruptive products to the market.

"You sometimes need that disruptive catalyst from change," Davis claimed.

Explaining the overall aims of the collaborative project, Davis added: "It is really about standing up the cloud, how do you create an environment, or how do you improve a cloud."

He promised that over the coming years, the industry can hold Intel accountable for the promises made as part of its Cloud 2015 vision.

Tom Brewster

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