LG unveils iPad rival G-Slate


LG has uncloaked a new Android Honeycomb-powered tablet at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

No precise launch date has been given but, in an announcement with T-Mobile, it was revealed the G-Slate will hit the shelves in the "coming months."

The companies have kept fairly tight-lipped over product details apart from the inclusion of Android 3.0, which has been given no precise launch date either.

LG had hinted it would be bringing its first tablet to market in time for Christmas but such a device failed to materialise before 25 December.

At the time of publication T-Mobile had not responded to our request for comment on whether the provider would be helping bring the product to market in the UK.

"Streamlining everyday tasks and enhancing entertainment with blazing fast 4G speed, the T-Mobile G-Slate by LG will deliver the latest in Android technology and provide users with an advanced tablet experience," said Jeff Hwang, president of LG Mobile Phones.

"T-Mobile is proud to add a new milestone in the evolution of the Android platform with our first 4G tablet powered by Android 3.0," added Cole Brodman, chief marketing officer for T-Mobile USA.

The LG G-Slate is not the first Honeycomb-powered tablet to be showcased at CES 2011.

The Motorola Zoom featuring Android 3.0 was shown off during the huge electronics show, measuring 10.1in.

Apple's iPad will face considerably more competition in 2011 as a slew of new tablets make their way to market, many of which are expected to show their faces in Las Vegas this week.

Tom Brewster

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