Netviewer Meet Business Edition review

Netviewer Meet Business Edition is an online meeting service bursting at the seams with features. But are they worth the £17 a month fee?

You can also give another participant control of your mouse, allowing them to take over not only the meeting but also your PC. Often, though, this isn't necessary. If one of the participants wants to point to something on your PC, they just need to click the relevant area and a huge pointer will appear on the screen with their name next to it. It's a great way of cutting through confusion to get to the point. The same is true of the whiteboard function, which allows you to take a screenshot from the session so that all participants can annotate it with questions, comments, actions and so on.

Netviewer also allows you to very easily pass "Active Show" mode to another participant. He or she will see a pop-up warning, asking them if they really want to share their screen. All they have to do is click "yes" and instantly they're the one chairing the meeting. It's great to be able to do this so easily, but there is a snag it's almost too easy. The pop-up warning grabs the focus for itself. If the person is in the middle of typing and hits return, they will share their screen without meaning to. This happened twice to one of our guinea pigs during testing; we were amused but they weren't.