AASIP gives IPv6 as standard


Internet service provider (ISP) Andres and Arnold (AAISP) has confirmed it will be offering IPv6 capabilities as standard to customers.

The ISP has been offering IPv6 as an opt-in choice for more than eight years but, in light of the news IPv4 addresses are soon to run out, it has decided to bundle in IPv6 ability at no extra cost.

"With the announcement that the final blocks of IPv4 address space have been allocated it is clear that all ISPs, business and home users alike have to get themselves IPv6 ready," the company said.

"If they don't then they simply won't be able to access all of the internet."

Although it will be automatic for new customers, existing ones need to ask AAISP's support to turn on the capability.

Business customers should already have an IPv6 capable router but consumers may not. However, AAISP confirmed it hoped to have these available by the end of February.

IPv4 is the internet protocol numbering system in use since 1995, but a number of industry experts have warned it could only be a matter of weeks before the allocation runs out.

Back in November 2010, Vint Cerf, known as one of the fathers of the internet, called for Government incentives to make people migrate over to the new IPv6 system.

Jennifer Scott

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