MWC 2011: Motorola launches Android enterprise solution


Motorola Mobility-owned Three Laws Mobility (3LM) has launched a solution for Android devices to help businesses make tablets and phones safer for the corporate environment.

The mobile management solution for Google mobile OS-based technology will introduce policy management otherwise missing but necessary to secure business networks from the dangers personal devices can pose to the workforce.

"The 3LM solution was developed for three reasons. First, to enable next generation mobile devices such as tablets and phones to become the primary computing devices at enterprises, replacing laptops without sacrificing security or functionality, " said Tom Moss, co-founder of 3LM.

"Second, to help enterprises reduce IT costs while at the same time increasing user choice and satisfaction and finally, to unleash innovation in enterprise applications and services."

The solution will not just benefit Motorola-branded devices though. 3LM is also working with HTC, Sony Ericsson, Sharp and Pantech, along with other Android OEMs to, to introduce the same capabilities to as much of the platform as possible.

Tom Satchwell, director of marketing in Europe for Motorola Mobility, told IT PRO at Mobile World Congress 2011 (MWC) that the "stratospheric" rise of Android and the consumerisation of technology made a solution like this necessary.

"We want to make Android an option for business," he said. "Corporate and Government environments can block your camera or make sure you don't download applications what [they] need is an over and above type of control."

He added: "There is a clear and present need for Android to be [enabled] in the workplace [and] this solution helps with that."

The solution is due to launch in the second quarter of this year.

To see Motorola's latest European release of a smartphone aimed at the corporate user the Motorola Pro check out our first look video here.

Jennifer Scott

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