Nokia Windows phone not due until 2012?


Despite claims a Nokia Windows Phone 7 device would arrive this year, it appears any launch has now been pushed back to 2012.

In an interview with Finnish broadcaster YLE, Nokia board chairman Jorma Ollila said Windows-based products will be on the market from 2012, Reuters reported.

Previous indications from recently appointed Nokia chief executive Stephen Elop had pointed to a release before the end of 2011.

New senior vice president (SVP) of smart devices, Jo Harlow, appeared to have confirmed the first handset would be launched in 2011.

"We have had teams working together to solidify the timing of the first Windows Phone product," she said at this week's Mobile World Congress 2011 (MWC).

"But my boss has told me that he would be much happier if that was in 2011 Boss, I aim to please."

Harlow even released an image of a Nokia Windows-based phone and confirmed leaked photos were of genuine devices.

At the time of publication, Nokia had not responded to a request for comment on when a Windows Phone 7 device would be released.

The apparent delay will do nothing to appease those angered by Nokia's partnership with Elop's old employer Microsoft.

Reports indicated that thousands of Nokia employees in Finland walked out of their offices on the day of the announcement.

Whilst some analysts have praised Nokia's move away from Symbian and adoption of Windows Phone 7 as its chief platform, others have bemoaned the decision to disregard Google's Android operating system.

Tom Brewster

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