Apple iPad 2 review

The best tablet of the year or an unnecessary consumer bauble? We take an in-depth look at the 16GB WiFi iPad 2 to see whether you should deploy it in your business.

Exchange support does mean the iPad 2 can be remotely locked and wiped in the event that it's lost or stolen. This would wipe the entire iPad though, which may or may not be desirable if your company allows employees to use their own Exchange-connected iPads for work purposes. Alternative remote lock and wipe services are available, including Apple's own free Find My iPhone app which also works with the iPad 2.

Giving presentations is now a lot easier thanks to new the HDMI adapter, sold separately, which allows the entirety of iPad's screen, from apps to the home screen, to be mirrored onto a HD TV or projector. The adapter also you to charge your iPad 2 even as you give your presentation.

Making a secure VPN connection shouldn't a problem as iOS 4.3 supports the L2TP, PPTP, and Cisco IPSec VPN protocols out of the box. There's also a huge array of apps available from database apps to office suites, alternative Exchange clients and remote desktop apps. Apple's own iPhone Configuration Utility also supports the iPad 2, allowing IT departments to deploy multiple iPads with the same settings, application restrictions and provisioning certificates for enabling in-house non-App Store distributed apps. More sophisticated management and deployment utilities from third parties are also available.