EMC World 2011: Tucci looks to an open source future


Open source may not often be associated with large-scale corporations, but EMC is looking to get more involved in this area.

At its annual EMC World Conference, the company unveiled new analytics software and an appliance using Hadoop, an Apache development.

This move is headed up by EMC's data computing division, made up of Greenplum employees an open source data warehousing firm EMC acquired in July last year.

But this is just the start of an on-going relationship between EMC and the open source community, according to the company's chief executive (CEO) Joe Tucci.

"We are very committed to open source," he told IT PRO.

Despite Tucci claiming the commitment from the top down, he admitted he was keen to put the projects into the hands of experienced enthusiasts, hence falling under Greenplum's jurisdiction.

"That is why we chose to put [Hadoop] over with them as they have experience," he said.

"It is a way to make sure I have that embracing of open source from a place in EMC that is very committed to it and it is also commitment from me going down that we are going to reach out and do more with open source."

EMC is making a number of product announcements over the next few days of its conference. For all the news, check out our round-up here.

Jennifer Scott

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