CIO Series: Philippe Paban, Renault

How big a role will cloud computing play in your organisation in the next three years? What other technologies are you watching?

I think it will be very important for businesses generally, but I must say that I can't see it being used significantly on the engineering side of the company.

However, I think cloud computing will become more important within sales and marketing in the near future.

I have looked at other areas. I've made some enquires into cloud for the supply chain, but it's not likely that we at Renault will do anything in the near future.

Our solutions are very much fitted to the business requirements and tend to be custom-written going to cloud-based solutions is not the obvious approach to take.

I think cloud computing will become more important within sales and marketing in the near future.

We are looking at other newer technologies, however. Our current investigations on the supply chain are RFID, mobile devices, data optimisation and collaboration tools to enhance relationships with our suppliers.

What is the most important criterion you use to make decisions that impact your business and why?

Number one is always: does it fit in with the business requirement?

After that, we look at cost but the fit with business will always be the most important.

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Max Cooter

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