Orange squeezes Apple fans with iPad/iPhone combo

iPad 2

Orange has found another way of enticing Apple fans to its network by offering them a joint iPad 2 and iPhone 4 deal.

By paying 99 upfront, existing customers can get a 16GB iPhone 4 and 16GB iPad 2 on a 65 per month contract.

Known as the Connected' plan, users will be entitled to 600 minutes, unlimited texts, BT Openzone Wi-Fi and a 2GB data allowance for the two devices combined.

If a customer has more money to spend on the outset though, they can up the capacity of the phone and tablet, as shown in the table below:


However, for those not with Orange already, an extra 50 will be charged.

The minimum term for the contract is two years, meaning even the lowest tariff would cost a non-Orange customer over 1,700 across the 24 months.

As pricey as it may seem though, the deal still works out cheaper than separate contracts.

The deal is only available over the phone or in-store for now.

Apple is set to announce the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 5, on Monday. Check out our hopes and dreams for features on the new software here.

Jennifer Scott

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