Will Nokia CTO's "leave of absence" be forever?

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Nokia's chief technology officer (CTO) has taken a leave of absence - but reports suggest he isn't planning on coming back.

Finnish newspapers have quoted sources saying Richard Green was unhappy with the mobile maker's current strategy.

Earlier this year, Nokia signed a deal with Microsoft that will see it exclusively use the Windows Phone 7 operating system.

Green was particularly unhappy about the move to drop MeeGo, the reports said.

Nokia confirmed to Reuters that Green had taken leave for personal reasons, but wouldn't say when he might return.

Henry Tirri, head of Nokia Research Center, will be the acting CTO, a spokesman said.

It's the latest bad news for Nokia, after the company last week warned that second-quarter sales would be substantially below a previous forecast. Nokia's share price fell 18 per cent that day.

"I think that this ... will confirm to the most sceptical people that Nokia can never make a turnaround," John Strand, head of Strand Consult told Reuters.