Everything Everywhere migrates to the cloud

cloud computing

Everything Everywhere (EE) the merger of Orange and T-Mobile in the UK today started moving a large portion of its systems over to the cloud.

A transfer of 40 per cent of its internal tech is now being migrated upwards following an outsourcing deal with T-Systems. The contract was signed in March, reportedly worth 700 million.

"The move to cloud computing will accelerate the transformation of Everything Everywhere's IT capability, enabling it to flex its IT requirements up and down in line with business volumes," said Fotis Karonis, chief information officer for Everything Everywhere.

T-Systems is part of the larger Deutsche Telekom group, which owns T-Mobile. Along with the IT itself, it will be taking on 200 staff members from Orange's existing locations in Bristol, Darlington, Hatfield and Leeds.

It be tasked with providing datacentre infrastructure, applications and desktop support as a service.

The goal for the 40 per cent move to be completed is three years, by which time T-Systems will be responsible for the IT infrastructure supporting some 16,000 employees.

"This is the dawn of new relationship between two customer-centric organisations," said

Sam Kingston, managing director of T-Systems UK.

"T-Systems will play a critically important role in delivering cloud computing capabilities to meet Everything Everywhere's challenging information and technology requirements."

Jennifer Scott

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