Motorola Xoom prices fall well below iPad 2

Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom prices have fallen to 329 in Dixons, meaning the entry level cost is significantly lower compared to the iPad.

Many have noted the effect of the HP TouchPad fire sale, which saw the device sell out across the world after prices were drastically reduced.

What we think...

The Motorola Xoom is one of the more oddly-designed Android Honeycomb tablets. Compared to the both the iPad 2 and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 it's more than 100g heavier at 716g, but it also has very good battery life albeit not quite as long as the iPad's. The Android 3.1 update has finally enabled the Xoom's micro SD card slot and for some this will be reason enough to plump for the Xoom over its lighter, but slot-less competitors.

The new lower price for the 3G-enabled Xoom makes it the cheapest current generation 3G tablet we know of, making it very attractive if you need internet access wherever you are. It's worth bearing in mind though that Dixons/PC World still has stock of the 64GB 3G original iPad at the same price as the 32GB 3G Xoom.Alan Lu, Reviews Editor

Whilst Motorola has not cut the cost of the Xoom so dramatically, it has taken a significant chunk off of its two tablet models.

The 32GB Wi-Fi only model has been reduced to 329, whilst the 3G version has been slashed to 399.

The HP TouchPad fire sale effect may not be the only reason Motorola has cut prices. Rumours that a second version of Xoom is to be released before 2011 is up have been making their way around the tech world in the past couple of months.

Apple has not chosen to alter its own pricing structure for the iPad 2, despite reports of the next iteration of the world's most popular tablet coming out soon.

It now appears a third version will not be hitting stores until next year, however, despite rumours of a 2011 release.

Apple supply chain partners revealed production of the iPad 3 has been cancelled, according to a DigiTimes report.

As for Samsung, it has been showing off its Galaxy Tab 7.7, which we got a sneak peak at during the IFA conference in Germany.

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