Microsoft to rake in $444m from Android


Tech giant Microsoft could make almost half a billion dollars in revenue from Android patent deals over the next year, according to analysis from Goldman Sachs.

According to an investors' note from Goldman Sachs cited by Business Insider, Microsoft will generate $444 million from manufacturers building tablets and handsets based on Google's mobile operating system in the 12 months to the end of June 2012.

The announcement follows the recent deal between Microsoft and Android handset maker Samsung, in which the Galaxy Tab maker agreed to license technologies from Microsoft's patent war chest.

The deal prompted Google to brand Microsoft as an extortionist, but the figures will at least please Microsoft share holders.

Goldman said that Microsoft would be getting between $3 and $6 per Android device sold and based its figures on phones sold after deals with Samsung, HTC, and others.

The Android income will, however, only form a small part of Microsoft's predicted revenue of $75 billion.

Bobby Hellard

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