Top five iPhone 5 rumours


Unless you have decided to (perhaps wisely) ignore the hype surrounding Apple's big event tomorrow, choosing instead to enjoy the freakishly pleasant weather, you'll know the iPhone 5 is being announced tomorrow.

Newly-crowned CEO Tim Cook is expected to take the stage and reveal Apple's new phone, which will no doubt sell by the truckload no matter how much of an improvement it is over previous models.

A budget version of the iPhone has also been rumoured, which will essentially be a cheaper, less powerful version of the real thing.

Outside of that, here's a rundown of our favourite five rumours about the iPhone to get you salivating in advance of the big day.

1. An iPad processor

Photos of what is believed to be the iPhone 5's logic board with the same A5 processor that the iPad 2 contains have been doing the rounds. The fast processor is rumored to feature in the iPhone 5 and possibly even the new iPhone 4S. If so, it'll make the phone much faster than competitors.

2. Voice control

Siri Inc, a company that developed a voice-activated personal assistant feature, has been rumoured to have come under Apple's wing. This could mean a new feature in the iPhone 5 allowing users to send text messages using voice control, amongst other features.

3. A new look

Accessories firm Case-Mate apparently leaked a picture of an iPhone case, and later removed the product from its website. It appeared to be designed for a device with curved edges, similar to the iPod touch. This led to predictions that the phone will sport a teardrop design instead of the square of other iPhones. Sexy.

4. Bigger screen

The iPhone will reportedly include a four-inch (or more) 960x540-pixel touchscreen, wider by about a half-inch more than the past iPhone screens. This would appease those looking for more room for their busy thumbs, as competitors like Samsung start to expand their screens.

5. A new home button for a better camera

A mock-up of the new iPhone features an oval button rather than a circular home button. Also, rumours say the current five mega-pixel camera lens is expected to upgrade to an eight mega-pixel lens, making pictures even clearer than before.

IT Pro will be bringing you news and analysis around Apple's announcements during and after tomorrow's event, so head back to the site from 6pm tomorrow.