HP offers £130 TouchPads for developers


HP is offering its 32GB webOS-based TouchPad to developers for only 130 each.

The offer is only open to registered developers in the US, Canada, and Europe, not HP employees, according to the tech giant.

Developers will be able to purchase up to two TouchPads at 130 each, but no more than that.

HP said it will send a coupon to interested developers before 18 November. Once coupons are validated, they must be used by 27 November or while supplies last. All TouchPad sales are final, indicating HP isn't accepting any returns.

The computer giant will also be discontinuing its developer loan programme, which allowed them to test applications prior to publication. Now, they will have to buy a TouchPad if they want a test device.

HP is looking to get people developing apps for the tablet, indicating it may continue to support the device for some time to come.

Yet some have wondered why registered developers are spending time coding apps for what may be a dead operating system, since this is the TouchPad's second exclusive sale offer in a matter of months.

HP's September fire-sale provoked a sudden rush, as consumers flocked to buy the devices by the truckload. Many TouchPads have been sold on eBay and other auctioning sites, however, with requests for higher prices than the original.

Interested developers should head here.