Does 2012 spell doom and gloom for the tech sector?

In more traditional markets, Microsoft should have Windows 8 ready this year, but there seems little incentive for businesses to adopt it anytime soon. The firm's obvious push with the latest version of its operating system is towards the tablet and smartphone market, especially given the introduction of its already-divisive Metro interface. It's questionable whether a new version of Windows will be a magic wand to the UK tech economy.

What to do?

So: when can businesses do? After all, once headlines and scare stories have been digested, the truth is that most businesses survive recessions, and those that adapt to the changing demands of the customer the fastest even thrive a little. If customer's budgets are getting squeezed, then what can be done to add value to them?

A lot of the wise steps are common sense. Well run businesses, with costs managed, risks calculated and opportunities wisely chosen, stand a better chance of weathering any financial storm.

What the last recession proved is that business continues, and that tightening belts and keeping focussed can help get many firms in the IT sector or otherwise through challenging times.