Are you spending too much on IT security?

Mark Lee, sales director at risk management specialist Courion, thinks the answer lies in automated access intelligence solutions that provide a real-time view of risks across the enterprise.

"This enables businesses to identify, quantify and prioritise access risk by using graphical risk profiling. An approach that will enable them to allocate security budgets to the most critical assets and result in significant improvements in how security budgets are spent," says Lee.

However, throwing more technology at the problem is not an approach Alastair Broom, solutions director at Integralis, would advise IT managers to take.

"Investment should be in skills and people, not more technology," he argues. "[Some] 70 to 80 per cent of all security problems could be solved with the infrastructure that is already in place. It often just needs tuning for maximum performance."

Davey Winder

Davey is a three-decade veteran technology journalist specialising in cybersecurity and privacy matters and has been a Contributing Editor at PC Pro magazine since the first issue was published in 1994. He's also a Senior Contributor at Forbes, and co-founder of the Forbes Straight Talking Cyber video project that won the ‘Most Educational Content’ category at the 2021 European Cybersecurity Blogger Awards.

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