Are you spending too much on IT security?

According to Mark Heathcote, practice director at IT services firm Xceed, there are three common causes for IT security budgets being spent on the wrong things:

1. The press. Technologies that are being talked up by the media can result in security budgets being redirected into technologies that address one issue, but do not cover other threats.

All information security budget spend should be driven by quantified risk mitigation.

2. Technologies that the information security team find interesting. Just because our trusted specialist staff says we should be doing something, doesn't necessarily mean budgets should be diverted from elsewhere.

3. Vendor-driven proposals. There are many examples of vendors presenting their solutions to CIOs and being greeted by the reaction, we really should have this'. But, stop and think why this threat was not a consideration before and do not be driven to a solution just because it looks like a good thing to do.

"All information security budget spend should be driven by quantified risk mitigation. Not by vendors, not by the press and not by technical staff," Heathcote concludes. "Follow these principles and you will not only reduce the impact of real world threats on the business, but may also reduce how much you spend on it."

Davey Winder

Davey is a three-decade veteran technology journalist specialising in cybersecurity and privacy matters and has been a Contributing Editor at PC Pro magazine since the first issue was published in 1994. He's also a Senior Contributor at Forbes, and co-founder of the Forbes Straight Talking Cyber video project that won the ‘Most Educational Content’ category at the 2021 European Cybersecurity Blogger Awards.

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