HP offers performance sweetener to 3PAR storage switchers

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Hardware giant HP has launched a performance guarantee programme to encourage end users to ditch their existing storage systems and use 3PAR instead.

The vendor is calling on end users to test out its claim that switching to 3PAR will double the performance of VMware-powered virtual machines that run on physical servers.

HP will stump up disk capacity, storage and support to help 3PAR customers improve the performance of their virtual machines.

If end users do not achieve the promised performance gains, HP has offered to stump up the disk capacity, software and support they need to make up the shortfall.

The incentive is part of the HP Get Virtual Guarantee Programme. To qualify for entry, end users must purchase a 3PAR storage system. They must also be using the vendor's optimisation and reporting software, as well as VMware vSphere version 4.1 or higher.

Speaking to IT Pro, Catherine Campbell, chief technology officer at HP, said the scheme was proof of the firm's confidence in 3PAR's performance.

"If you are an existing 3PAR customer, the benefits you stand to gain from this are minimal," said Campbell. "If you swap your existing, legacy storage for 3PAR, the cost and performance gains will be dramatic."

Gary Green, vice president of global strategic alliances at VMware, said the programme should help end users cut costs.

"To manage exponential data growth, organisations need a storage architecture that can meet their requirements without increasing data centre size and maintenance expenses," said Green.

"[This programme] can help customers maximise [their] physical resources and drive down costs."

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