Is Asus readying cloud-based tablets?


Computer manufacturer Asus could be gearing up to launch a cloud-based file synchronisation or storage service alongside new tablets at the Computex show later this month.

The new set of tablet Transformer computers that leverage the cloud have been mooted as the tech giant's bid to compete with the Apple iPad.

In a teaser trailer, the firm was deliberately vague, but cloud storage was heavily hinted at in the promo.

The Transformer tablet devices can be docked with a physical keyboard to turn them into a laptop. The keyboard makes the device especially appealing those who want a light computer but prefer a physical keyboard rather than one with just a touchscreen, such as the iPad.

"The shape of the cloud is ever-changing, beyond time and boundaries" said the voiceover on the trailer.

The company is expected to release the new cloud-based tablets at this year's Computex show in Taiwan. They could feature either the Android mobile operating system or Microsoft's Windows 8.

The show kicks off on 5 June but Asus said it will be giving more details about the upcoming tablets and its cloud product on 31 May.

A report by Taiwanese tech title DigiTimes suggested that search engine giant Google was working with Asus to make a 7-inch tablet for release in July.

An unnamed source "in the supply chain" told the publication that that such a device would have an initial shipment of 600,000 starting in June with a full release date in July penciled in.