Email security vendors unveil new products and contract wins

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Security-as-a-service provider Proofpoint has clinched a deal with Conwy County Borough Council to protect the contents of 2,000 of the welsh local authority's mailboxes.

The council has selected Proofpoint's Enterprise Protection and Enterprise Privacy product, which will be used across its 70 email domains.

The Proofpoint offering operates in a virtualised environment, allowing the IT team to simplify backup and disaster recovery and cut costs.

Adrian Hughes, principle network architect for Conwy County Borough Council, said: "Email security is hugely important, it is increasingly used as a channel to infect and target devices, or to phish for sensitive information.

"Of all the providers we looked at, Proofpoint stood out across many areas, especially in spam and virus detection."

Meanwhile, email archiving vendor Mimecast has unveiled the next generation of its Email Security service.

New features include user defined encryption, document clean-up and the ability to replace large attachment files with links to downloadable documents hosted by Mimecast.

IT departments can also use the product to set permissions on a user-by-user basis.

Grant Hodgkinson, product director of unified email management at Mimecast said: "By building granular controls and permissions into Mimecast Email Security and adding functionality, we want to help IT departments find a balance between productivity, flexibility and control."

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