Apple iPhone 5 event: Live Blog

Apple San Francisco

Apple CEO, Tim Cook is set to take the stage in the heart of San Francisco to demonstrate latest products from Cupertino.

The iPhone 5 is tipped to be launched at the event, but Apple could have some surprises for us too.

IT Pro will bring you all the latest news as it happens. Here's what happened if you missed it:

19:36 - It doesn't look like we're going to see the iPad Mini today. But we expect still expect it to be announced at another event soon.

19:20 - Apple has also refreshed iTunes, along with its iPod range.

19:09 - Check back for a full review from IT Pro in the coming weeks.

19:00 - Like clockwork - Pre-orders will be taken from the 14th Sept and the device will launch on the 21st Sept. Existing devices will be able to get the iOS6 update from the 19th Sept.

18:52 - We're going through a re-cap now...pricing and release date info coming up soon. Take note Nokia.

18:48 - Siri has been updated too. She knows more about movies. Those expecting the "girl-friend experience" add-on will be disappointed.

18:46 - Now we're looking at the Passbook wallet feature. However, it's unlikely to be available in the UK on launch.

18:44 - Safari has been improved too. You can go into fullscreen mode - which is useful on the bigger screen (4in).

18:42 - Demoing the Apple's Map. It's got 3D models and turn-by-turn directions. Lets have a moment of silence for Google Maps on iOS.

18:41 - Time to see iOS 6 in action....

18:40 - Don't worry, there will be an adaptor for your current cables.

18:38 - Ooooh the new connector is tiny. It's 80 per cent smaller and is reversible too. It's called Lightning. See what they've done there? Apple now has Thunderbolt and Lightning products......(very, very frightening). See what I did there?

18:37 - We're moving onto the connectors now. I've never liked those 30-pin proprietary connectors. Cables are too short and there's never one around when you need it.

18:35 - You will now be able to use FaceTime via a HD camera. It's all about the HD here.

18:31 - The rear camera is 8-megapixels, with f2.4 aperture and captures pics 40 per cent faster. It's made from sapphire crystal to provide clearer images.

18:29 - Despite the jump in performance - the battery life is better than the 4S. Apple is touting 10 hours of video or Wi-Fi browsing and 8 hours of browsing over 4G.

18:27 - A rep from EA is on stage demoing a racing game. The graphics do look good.

18:25 - Of course the chip running things has been upgraded too. The A6 processor will be 2x faster and provide 2x graphics performance of the previous generation A5 chip. Apple is touting "console quality graphics".

18:23 - Apple has also included dual-band Wi-Fi. Anything Amazon can do......

18:22 - It will provide HSPA+, DC-HSDPA and of course LTE (4G).

18:21 - The first new feature is "Ultrafast Wireless".

18:18 - Apple thinks this the the best size to fit into your hand, and it may have a point. Some people find the Galaxy S3 too big (4.8ins).

18:16 - It's 4ins. The resolution is 1136 x 640 with 326 PPI. It's got a 16:9 aspect ratio and colour saturation is 44 per cent better.

18:15 - It's the thinnest, lightest iPhone to date and is made from Aluminium and glass. At 7.6mm it's the thinnest iPhone to date and it weighs 112g.

18:14 - Straight to the point. "It's the most beautiful product we've ever made." It sounds like he's reciting a speech written by Jobs.

18:12 - Cook moves onto the iPhone....Here we go. This is what everyone wants to hear about...."Today we're introducing iPhone 5."

18:11 - 250,000 apps have been tailored for the iPad. And Apple has now sold over 400 million iOS devices. Like Apple or not, these are phenomenal numbers.

18:09 - Cook pokes fun at some of Apple's competitors. Steve Jobs would have been proud.

"iPad accounts for 91 per cent of all the web traffic from tablets. I don't know what these other tables are doing....may be in someone's draw?" There's a big smile on his face and it's easy to see why.

18:08 - There has been a total of 84 million iPads sold. Who said tablets would never take off?

18:05 - He's giving some updates - 83 million visitors to Apple stores last year, 7 million OS X Mountain Lion downloads since launch, and 17 million iPads sold in the last quarter. Big numbers there.

18.00 - CEO Tim Cook is on stage to kick things off. "It's an amazing time at Apple," he says.

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