Apple iPhone 5: Top 10 tips to get started

6. Take panorama pictures

We found the function to be fiddly during testing. You have to move the device ever-so slowly from left-to-right and keep it extremely steady to get a good picture.

Apple iPhone 5 - Panorama

7. Reply to a call with a text message

Apple iPhone 5 - Text back

8. Sync your Facebook and Twitter accounts

Apple iPhoone 5 - Facebook and Twitter integration

9. Check your privacy settings

There are also options to control settings for those all-important Facebook and Twitter accounts. It's always worth coming back to this setting, especially if you download a lot of applications, so you can check if they are keeping track of you.

Apple iPhone 5 - Privacy settings

10. Try out 4G connectivity

There is no timeframe on when major operators such as O2, Vodafone and Three will be offering this service, as Ofcom has yet to hold the 4G auction. However, based on what we have been told, services are likely to start rolling out the service sometime in 2013.


These 10 steps will help get you started when using the Apple iPhone 5. Stay tuned for the full review.

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