Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 head-to-head review


There is little to separate the devices here as they both have a 8-megapixel snappers on the rear. We found the S3 to be more accurate when it came to colour replication.

Apple iPhone 5 - Test shot

Apple iPhone 5 - Test shot

The iPhone 5 test image delivered a tad washed out result

Samsung Galaxy S3 - Test shot

Samsung Galaxy S3 - Test shot

The S3 replicated colours accurately

Conversely, we found the Panorama mode on the iPhone 5 to be more accurate - as seen in our gallery.

On the front of the iPhone Apple has included a slightly better 720p camera, compared to Samsung's 1.9-megapixel camera, so video calling will be sharper on the iOS device.

Winner - Draw

The S3 provides better colour replication, but we found the iPhone to be less fiddly when using the panorama feature and the facing camera provides more clarity for video calls.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 is available for free on a 24-month contract starting at 21 per month. The iPhone 5 is nearly double this - with users having to be willing to sign up to a 41+ contract to avoid paying an upfront fee.

In terms of SIM-free pricing - we've spotted the Samsung Galaxy S3 for 380, whereas the entry-level iPhone 5 starts at 529.

Winner - Samsung Galaxy S3

The S3 offers almost all the functionality (apart from 4G) at a cheaper price and is more flexible of the two devices.

So which device is the overall winner?


The Samsung Galaxy S3 emerges as the clear winner in our head-to-head. The Android device triumphed in key areas of storage/connectivity, battery life and pricing. Although open to debate, we awarded the design category to the S3 too as it is likely to have longevity and better withstand drops. The iPhone 5 does have the better display, and the iOS ecosystem is more secure than Android. But all this comes at a price. Not every business will be able to dish out the iPhone 5 to all employees, and if users are given a bit of education about device security, the S3 can be a valuable companion.

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