Citrix Synergy 2012: Mobile the driving force in IT, claims Citrix VP


Mobile technology and the bring your own device' trend are the driving forces behind the IT industry today, according to Martin Duursma, vice president of Citrix Labs.

Speaking at the virtualisation giant's Citrix Synergy conference in Barcelona earlier today, Duursna said - while most companies had been focusing on virualisation - the mobile revolution had been gathering pace in the workplace.

"This mobile revolution is really getting us to rethink our application architectures...[and]we are in this mobile cloud environment," Duursna said.

The answer to this, Duursna claimed, is Citrix XenDesktop FlexCast - a virtualisation offering that allows virtualised desktops to be delivered across all platforms.

Duursna told the audience that FlexCast takes away the complexity of having to choose between different ways of delivering services to mobile and fixed devices.

"American psychologist Barry Schwartz coined the phrase the paradox of choice why more is less'. His premise is that giving people too much choice is not a good thing," said Duursma.

"We are [making it easier for our customers to choose] how to deliver the right application to the right desktop and the right employee [on the right device]."

Duursna's comments echo those made by Citrix CEO Mark Templeton during his keynote speech, who proclaimed the importance of the consumerisation of IT, partially driven by BYOD.

Jane McCallion
Deputy Editor

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