EE's 4G pricing plans get thumbs down from mobile users


Everything Everywhere's (EE) recently unveiled 4G pricing plans have been given the thumbs down by mobile users for being too high.

In a poll carried out by news and advice site, 72 per cent of respondents said EE's 4G pricing would put them off upgrading to the superfast network.

Andrew Ferguson, editor of, said the poll received several hundred votes within hours of going live, suggesting UK mobile users are extremely price sensitive when it comes to mobile data.

The cheapest pricing plan EE customers can get will provide them with 500 MB of data for 36 per month, but 75 per cent of the poll respondents said they already have a usage allowance of up to 2GB.

"With no unlimited option on 4G it is these heavy users of mobile data who would benefit most from the extra speed, but will face the significantly increasing bills," Ferguson said.

With the cost of excess data usage possibly being the main reason why mobile users are less likely to upgrade to EE, 87 per cent claim they would never exceed their monthly usage allowance.

Ferguson added, although upgrading to 4G will offer them faster performance, he's not sure that's enough to get users to consider upgrading.

"At current pricing, though, it is very clear that most of the population would not be able to afford the service, and the usage allowances do not approach what fixed line broadband allows," he said.

"Even in rural areas a 10GB usage allowance with voice line rental can be found for 27 per month."