Europe tops the spam generation charts

New survey estimates over a third of spam sent from Europan PC infected with Trojan software

A new survey has shown that Europe generates more spam than any other continent, with over a third of spam emails coming from PC within its borders.

An increase in the number of botnets, infected PCs controlled by third parties, has been blamed for the spam output, according to a representative of email management firm Marshal who released the results of the survey.

"It's common knowledge that China and the US are the two countries pumping out the greatest volumes of spam, but what's less well understood is that six European countries are together responsible for almost 40% of the world's spam output," said Ed Macnair, chief executive of Marshal.

The statistics, taken from internet activity over the last two weeks, show that European nations were responsible for 36.6 per cent of all spam. Asia accounted for 30.7 per cent of spam, while North America was the source of 21.3per cent.

Six European nations - France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Germany and the UK - consistently occupy half the places in lists of the top twelve spamming countries, putting Europe at the top of the overall spam leaderboard.