Depressed IT staff eager for career change

A survey of over 2,000 employees has revealed widespread dissatisfaction among IT staff, with three quarters of staff go to work wishing they had another job.

Half of all IT managers said they were already registered with a headhunter and nearly two thirds had an updated CV ready to go. Over three quarters of IT staff look for another job at work, usually over once a week.

Money is the main reason for staff dissatisfaction but the most worrying finding was that 50 per cent of IT managers have been deliberately obstructive to their staff, compared to just 16 per cent for non-managerial IT staff.

Mike Emmott, employee relations advisor for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, agreed with the survey.

"People often don't feel appreciated by their managers. We have found that line managers don't do as well as they could in this area - but recognition is critical for employees."