AMD wins over Dell for desktops

The Intel-rival has officially announced that Dell will offer AMD processor-based Dimension desktop PCs by September. Dell will be also be shipping both 4P (quad-core) and 2P (dual-core) AMD Opteron-based servers by the end of 2006.

The move was widely anticipated and finally marks the end of Dell being an Intel-only business.

'Dell's wider embrace of AMD processor-based offerings is a win for Dell, for the industry, and most importantly for Dell customers," said AMD senior VP, Commercial Business, Marty Seyer. 'Dell's plan to expand the AMD footprint serves as a powerful statement on the strength of the AMD processor roadmap, as well as the demand that exists for AMD technology in Dell products.'

The acceptance of AMD has almost certainly been hastened by relatively poor trading figures for Dell in recent months, as shown by its recent financial results.

The first signs of a breach between Dell and Intel arose back in November 2005, when Dell rather coyly began selling AMD processors from deep within its site. Dell began selling Opteron-based servers back in May - Dell sets up AMD server stall.