Apple revamps iPod and brings movies to iTunes

Apple yesterday announced revisions to its range of iPod media players and a deal with Disney that will let US customers download movies and television.

The new iPods include a 30GB and an 80GB model and have had screen upgrades for brighter images and a software brightness control that should make viewing video easier. New video games for the devices were also announced and battery life has been improved with better power management software.

"The world's best digital music player has evolved into the world's most popular portable video player too," said Steve Jobs, Apple's chief executive.

"The new iPod's brighter and more vibrant display and longer battery life make it perfect for watching Hollywood movies and TV shows right in the palm of your hand."

The new Nano is now available in an eight GB version and Apple has stopped production of the one GB version. Power management has been upgraded and the device has been slimmed down by a millimetre and now comes with an aluminium shell.

Apple's screenless iShuffle has had a complete redesign and is now square with a iPod-style scroll wheel and a one GB storage capacity.

US iTunes users will also be able to buy video content in a new version of the iTunes download service. Disney (where Jobs has a place on the board and is the single largest shareholder), and subsidiaries Miramax, Pixar and Touchstone are the only studios to provide content.

"Steve Jobs and Apple have consistently demonstrated that they have their finger on the pulse of today's audience with regard to legal downloads of music and television shows, and our presence on iTunes will now allow us to deliver Disney's films in this popular and convenient format," said Dick Cook, chairman of The Walt Disney Studios.

"Not only are we proud to be expanding our association with Apple, but we feel that this new venture meets a growing demand for movie viewing that will ultimately expand the market for our films."

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