Certification program for Wireless USB launches

The USB Implementers Forum has launched its Certified Wireless USB programme for manufacturers, which should mean that certified Wireless USB devices will be on sale before the end of this year.

The USB-IF already manages device certification for USB 2.0 hardware, and is building on this experience with the new Wireless USB Compliance and Certification Programme. Hardware will be tested for compliance with the Wireless USB specifications, and for interoperability with other devices.Once the tests have been passed, manufacturers will be able to license the wireless USB logo for hardware and packaging. A programme of compliance workshops will be held during 2007, to help manufacturers test for interoperability before submitting hardware for certification.

Jeff Ravencraft, the president and chairman of the USB-IF, claims certification will make it easier for consumers to use wireless USB. He's quite clear what he means,"When I talk about the consumer, I'm talking about my brother who doesn't know anything about technology and wants to buy things that work and make his life better." USB-IF intends to use the Certified Wireless USB logo to ease the introduction of a new technology to consumers, using it as a mark of trusted and tested hardware.

Intel is backing wireless USB, with products on show at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco this week. The first widely available products will be wireless USB host and device adapters for existing USB devices. Staccato has already delivered reference designs that mix Wireless USB and Bluetooth on a single PCI Express mini card.