Google marketing via

A new product announced by - Salesforce for Google AdWords - will enable marketers to plot exactly where their budget is best spent.

The new Salesforce product is a mash-up (an application that utilises APIs from more than one vendor) of Google's AdWords system and Salesforce CRM system that enables you to build and monitor your Google AdWord campaigns from within

The product adds a new tabs to the Salesforce desktop that helps you construct a simple Google AdWord advert, and then checks that the advert is compliant, before setting the minimum bid level, the maximum daily spend, and releasing the advert to the Google system. The unique part of the product is that it then adds a new field to your customer records that enables you to see that a new customer was a Google AdWord generated lead and you can then drill down further to see which AdWord the customer responded too.

The main Salesforce dashboard then allows you to see which advert was the most effective and to calculate the return on investment for each advert.