Sony Ericsson buys UIQ

The deal sees UIQ Technology operate as a separate business subsidiary of Sony Ericsson. Previously it was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Symbian Ltd. UIQ licenses the user interface that sits on top of the Symbian OS and is used in Sony Ericsson's P990 smartphone, M600 messaging phone and W950 Walkman phone.

Mats Lindoff, chief technology officer at Sony Ericsson said the company offered "excellent technical flexibility enabling us to provide compelling features such as push email, internet browsing, end user personalization, and enhanced music applications".

"By acquiring UIQ Technology we will further invest and exploit the full potential of UIQ on Symbian OS for phone vendors, mobile operators, developers and consumers," he said.

Symbian's chief executive officer Nigel Clifford said the announcement was a "positive development as it will strengthen the capabilities and services available for phones based on UIQ and Symbian OS whilst allowing us to focus on the core product development of Symbian OS for the mass market."

Sony Ericsson expects the transaction to be completed over the next few months, pending regulatory approval and customary closing conditions.

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Rene Millman

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