Mobile banking apps crash out on payday

App icons coming out of a phone

Customers of three of the UK's largest banks have found themselves unable to log into their mobile banking apps today, prompting fury on payday.

Account holders with Barclays, Santander and the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, which includes RBS, Ulster and NatWest banks, took to Twitter to express their displeasure at being unable to check their finances on their smartphones and tablets.

Some customers took a humorous approach to the problem

Natwest 'helpful banking' until their app breaks.Jenny Morris (@jenkatemorris) February 28, 2014

@Peston As a scot I am sad to say we should give RBS to England if yes vote banking app down again this a.mHoll Sue (@BarnsH) February 28, 2014

While others have been more despairing.

Barclays need to sort out their mobile banking app pleaseGina Chapman. (@GeorgieRimmel) February 28, 2014

A spokesperson for Barclays told IT Pro: "We're aware that some customers are facing issues with accessing the Barclays Mobile Banking app and we apologise for any inconvenience; many customers are already able to access their app as normal but we are working hard to ensure that 100 per cent of our customers have access as a matter of urgency.

"All other services, including online banking and Pingit are working as normal."

Barclays also said the cause of the problem was still under investigation by the company's engineers.

However, RBS Group lay the blame firmly on record traffic numbers due to it being pay day for many people.

A spokeswoman told IT Pro RBS and NatWest banking apps are currently seeing record traffic with 5,500 people trying to access them every minute.

Neither Barclays nor RBS gave a solid timeframe as to when normal service is likely to resume.

IT Pro was unable to reach anyone at Santander for comment regarding the problems at the time of publication.

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