Google wants to make developer's Play apps easier to find

A Google logo on the outside of one of its offices

Google is currently trying to improve its Google Play app store to help developers promote their apps, it is reported.

As the competition for apps gets fiercer and new apps find it harder to stand out from the crowd, app improvements could increase downloads and popularity.

Apple refreshed its App Store earlier this year, improving review times for apps and increasing developer revenue. According to App Annie, Google Play store app downloads are greater than those on Apple's App Store, but Apple still appears to be making greater revenue.

Google appears to be trying to make the development of apps for its Play store easier, by trying to make apps easier to convert from iOS to Android, according to a Reuters interview with Play product manager Sameer Samat (via the Daily Mail).

Google's Play store is still focusing on games, and is now also available on Chromebook laptops, smartwatches, and virtual reality headsets. Improvements could include greater AI integration and support for different payment platforms, alongside other new features.

Google is already integrating greater machine learning tools within the store, as the Google Play store branch is collaborating with Google Brain, which recently taught AIs to create and improve their own encryption.

The company is also trying to offer a greater choice of payment methods and is now offering direct carrier billion in 47 markets. This could make app purchase easier in countries where consumers do not own credit cards.