UK Broadband launches London’s first wireless broadband service

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UK Broadband claims to have launched London's first wireless broadband service today.

The new service, named Relish, aims to bring fast, reliable and wireless broadband connections to businesses and consumers in the capital while also promising fast plug and play' set-up and transparent pricing that could significantly impact the current broadband market.

Relish offers a range of four core products with Home Broadband, Business Broadband, Mobile Broadband (Pocket Hub) and Dedicated Business Internet provided. The service is aimed at both businesses and consumers operating in London, potentially providing a solution for companies wanting faster internet connections outside of conventional broadband packages.

Nicholas James, CEO of UK Broadband, said: "Central London is home to some of the world's most talented and busy people, who have to suffer long delays in getting their broadband service set up and pay a landline tax' for a service they often don't need.

"Relish wants to give Londoners the broadband they deserve and will shake up the market with a fair and transparent service that meets the digital demands of modern Londoners."

A recent report from the Centre of Economics and Business Research revealed that 37m is lost in landline tax by SMEs in London, with 68 per cent saying they could operate effectively without a landline. Broadband UK has launched the service as a potential solution to some of these costs for businesses across the city, promising an alternative to traditional broadband services.

The service is designed for busy Londoners, while the removal of landlines and contracts from the equation will most likely appeal to many businesses in the capital. Pricing for the unlimited, wireless, fibre-fast internet with Relish will cost business users 25 a month excluding VAT, with UK Broadband launching the service today.

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