Best project management apps

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Even if you're not a project manager by trade, it's likely you'll either need to lead or be involved in company projects at some point in your career.

These apps will help you keep projects, however, big or small, under control with collaboration at the heart of everything they do.


Format: Android, Desktop, iOS

Price: From $9/month/user

URL: Casual

Casual is a visual project management tool, allowing you to create flow charts of information rather than the usual linear approach. Although only available on desktop and iPhone, all of the information is fully synched between devices and displays perfectly, even on smaller screens. You are able to access archived data including tasks, notes or project history from within the simple UI simple UI and edit tasks in real time so the whole team is aware of where the project is and what you're working on at any time. For the more visual project managers, Casual helps you visualise projects and is perfectly crafted for on-the-move working.


Publisher: Clarizen

Format: Android, Desktop, iOS

Price: From $30/user per month

Clarizen aims to offer users a more tailored approach to project management. The cloud-based service is customisable and can be adapted to the working roles of different staff. A reliable, scalable software package, this project management suite is including project planning, resource management, document management, templates, social collaboration, task list and budget management, among other things. The software integrates with a host of commonly used softwares, including Outlook, Salesforce, Google Docs, iCal, Chrome extensions, and others. The software starts from $30 per user, per month – steep by comparison to its competitors, but its reputation is strong.


Publisher: Freshdesk

Format: Android, Desktop, iOS

Price: Free for three months

Freshdesk comes with just about everything you need to track and manage your projects. IT offers features such as issue tracking, SLA management, smart automation, SEO ready FAQ section, knowledge base and customizable self-service portals. IT also allows the integration of a cloud-based telephony service into an organisation's helpdesk. Freshdesk sports a slick user interface and is easy to use. It can also scale from one user to a whole enterprise.


Publisher: Huddle

Format: Android, Desktop, iOS

Price: From $20/month/person

Huddle makes it easy for teams to securely collaborate on projects, share and edit files, assign tasks and track team activity from one place. Not only can your internal teams share everything with each other, they can also share outside of the organisation, with clients or customers too. Every change made is logged, so you can ensure everything is tracked as it happens and perform an audit if needed. Huddle is available across iOS and Android, plus on desktop and everything is seamlessly synched so the entire team can discover, review and approve content anywhere, anytime, on any device. Huddle integrates with additional tools including Salesforce and Sharepoint too, for a fully-featured sales, marketing and project management solution. Huddle allows you to collaborate with internal and external teams and track the entire audit trail too, with sales and marketing integrations to boot.


OmniPlan helps you stay on top of your projects with a visual interface enabling you to see the progress of your teams.You can break down projects into to do lists, optimise the resources so you have the right people working on the right element, control costs and montiro progress. Everything can be shared with colleagues and it'll sync with your calendar too, making sure everyone knows when you're available or when others in your team aren't. Everything is presented in easy to understand Gantt charts and network diagrams for easy reference, making it simple to use, but effective to manage.

Publisher: OmniPlan

Format: Desktop, iOS

Price: $74.99 (Standard plan, iOS), $149.99 (Standard plan, Mac), $149.98 (Pro plan, iOS), $299.99 (Pro plan, Mac)


Publisher: Podio

Format: Android, Desktop, iOS

Price: From $9/month/person

Podio, from Citrix, doesn't just help you manage projects, but customers too. The app uses a very structured approach compared to some of the other tools here, but it does help keep your entire team organised on the go. Podio is also a lot more customisable than other project management tools, so you can change the way you track projects, responsibilities, deadlines and share content according to how your team works best. Collaboration is at the heart of this tool, with content sharing and live activity streams including chat available. Additionally, Podio can be integrated with other modules of Citrix's product ecosystem such as cost tracking to make it a real enterprise tool. Podio is suited to enterprises running lots of projects in tandem and is very sophisticated.


Publisher: Trello

Format: Android, Desktop, iOS

Price: From free

Trello is a drag and drop-based project management tool. Each project is a board while each element or task of a project is a card. It's simple to create cards, assign deadlines, assign members and set up notifications so if anything changes in a column or on a card, you're instantly alerted. One of the best things about Trello is its range of integrations including Google Drive, meaning you can attach documents to a card that open up instantly in Google Drive for viewing or editing. Trello runs a referral programme so not only is it one of the simplest and best tools around, it can be free if you invite enough collaborators.

Wrike Project Management

Publisher: Wrike

Format: Android, Desktop, iOS

Price: From free

Wrike is a more traditional project management tool, with Gantt charts tracking progress. It allows you to create, assign and schedule tasks from inside the desktop or mobile app and instant messaging means you can catch up with team members while you're on the go. Like Trello, integrations with Dropbox and Google Drive are supported, plus you can take pictures from inside the app and add them to cards instantly. Push notifications make sure you're alerted when something needs your attention too, so you'll never miss an important update. With an attractive and simple to use interface, Wrike is suited to more traditional project managers.

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