The automated enterprise

automated enterprise - how to automate your enterprise - Red Hat whitepaper

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No matter the complexity of your environment or where you are on your IT modernisation journey, an IT operations automation strategy can help you improve existing processes. With automation, you can save time, increase quality, improve employee satisfaction, and reduce costs throughout your organisation.

Inside the book

"The Automated Enterprise" shows the important role IT automation plays in business today.

  • The basics of automation
    What can you automate? How can automation help?
  • How to develop an enterprise-wide automation strategy
    Assessment, planning, adaptation
  • How to implement your automation strategy
    Start small, show value, expand conservatively
  • 5 common automation use cases
    Infrastructure, network, security, DevOps, hybrid and multi-cloud
  • Red Hat® Ansible Automation customer success stories
    Including Microsoft, Siemens, British Army
  • And more!

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