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How to get into the tech industry

Tech leaders share their words of wisdom on breaking into the tech industry
3 Jul 2020
Careers & training

Microsoft will upskill millions of workers for a post-pandemic future

"We need to ensure that no one is left behind and address the needs of those most impacted by this crisis," says Satya Nadella
1 Jul 2020

The best UK coding and app development courses

Use your time at home to get the skills needed to get a better job
29 Jun 2020
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Can I become a coder?

Our fortysomething writer rekindles his childhood passion for coding – but can he teach himself Python from scratch?
27 Jun 2020
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Sliding doors: Alternative careers of the best

Sample our exclusive Business Briefing content
26 Jun 2020
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Trump signs executive order freezing popular tech visas through 2020

Tech leaders sound off on President Trump’s latest executive order targeting foreign workers
24 Jun 2020
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Why Alan Turing is a queer icon

Eighty years after the Bombe began code-breaking, its inventor is as relevant as ever
23 Jun 2020
Business strategy

The best UK cities to live and work in

You don’t have to work in London to thrive in tech
23 Jun 2020
Careers & training

How the autistic population could solve the tech industry’s biggest challenge

The neurodiverse population might not only help fill the skills gap, but bring a raft of unprecedented benefits – and big names like SAP and IBM are a…
22 Jun 2020
Careers & training

The best email sign-off, and 14 to avoid

There are good ways and bad ways to sign-off from your emails. Here's everything you need to know to avoid a digital etiquette misstep
19 Jun 2020
Business operations

Intel appoints former HP CEO to board of directors

Dion J. Weisler is to serve as an independent director and member of the compensation and finance committees
18 Jun 2020
Careers & training

Google to invest $175 million in racial-equality projects

The tech giant will fund and mentor black entrepreneurs and black community projects
18 Jun 2020
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The best tech companies to work for in the UK

Which tech companies are the best to work for in the UK?
17 Jun 2020
Careers & training

How to confidently change careers to IT

Want to take on a new position in IT? Here’s how to do it
12 Jun 2020
Careers & training

8 tips for writing a great IT resume

Follow this step-by-step guide to make your IT resume stand out
10 Jun 2020
Careers & training

IT training courses and where to find them

Enhance your resume and boost your skills by taking one of these IT training courses
8 Jun 2020
Careers & training

14 best job boards for tech

The best places to apply for tech jobs online, and the tips you need to do so successfully
8 Jun 2020
Careers & training

Tips for writing a cover letter that'll help land the job

A knockout cover letter can be the difference between an interview and the trash bin
5 Jun 2020
Careers & training

7 great cities for tech jobs in 2020

These seven cities may not be top of mind for tech jobs, but they should be
5 Jun 2020
Careers & training

Tech executives share their most valuable career advice

For job hunters, it’s important to be creative, trust your gut and always be persistent
4 Jun 2020
Careers & training

The lost year: How 2020 tech graduates and apprentices are coping with the coronavirus pandemic

From closed offices to cancelled grad schemes, the new kids on the IT block might not feel as welcome as their predecessors
2 Jun 2020
Careers & training

Google rescinds offers to over 2,000 contractors

During a difficult job market, Google leaves contract and temp workers in the lurch
1 Jun 2020
Careers & training

Lenovo launches new enterprise-focused VR headset

The Lenovo Mirage VR S3 headset will arrive in the UK later this year
1 Jun 2020