LinkedIn update adds remote job searches and salary data

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LinkedIn has introduced an update to its job search tools so job seekers can more easily find jobs, save the details and apply later if they're not quite ready to do it when they first see the job posting. The update will also introduce new features to address demand for those looking for flexible opportunities, including the ability to search for remote jobs if they don't want to be tied to a locality.

"From our own research, we know most of you value flexible schedules and work/life balance, and often this means working remotely," Kumaresh Pattabiraman, director of product management, Careers at LinkedIn said.

Another new addition is better insights for pay brackets. LinkedIn Salary will now include the option to search by the companies that are offering salaries in line with your expectations, rather than just the particular roles that advertise similar remunerations.

"With this additional insight, professionals can enter into interviews or conversations with managers more informed," Pattabiraman added.

The final highlight is notifications for jobs that match your search. Even if there aren't any at the time of your search, you can switch on notifications so when employers at the companies you're interested in advertise for profiles matching yours, you can be one of the first to apply, which hopefully means you won't miss out to the other thousands of LinkedIn job seekers.

"With the new LinkedIn Jobs search experience, you can scroll through jobs details, save the job that interests you, and see all the most important information - like company size, how many applicants there are, and who in your network can help - right at the top of the page, quickly giving you the context you need to decide if a job is the right fit for you," Pattabiraman said.

Clare Hopping
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