The best US tech companies to work for (and why)

America's technology industry has long been at the forefront of many cutting-edge technologies and platforms that have arguably changed the world. From cloud computing infrastructure services to social media, the US is hardly short on major tech firms.

But much like the rest of the world, the US' technology industry is hungry for people with digital skills and the technical talent to continue to drive its success on a national and global level.

If you're a skilled individual, you might be considering stepping into the fray of America's technology world, or moving from an existing position to a more exciting opportunity. But with so many companies clamouring for attention, it can be a challenge to know which offer the best opportunities and experiences.

By perusing Glassdoor data and reviews from employees who have worked or currently work in the sector, we have come up with a list of some of the best US tech companies to work for, in no particular order.


As the leader in search engines and host to some of the most-used online services in the world, as well as having the fourth largest cloud reach, Google is an exciting company.

But it also offers its employees a range of benefits from "lots of opportunity for growth", according to one review, to a vast selection of free food, laundry services, a bowling alley and custom-built employee-only sports park.

Work-life balance might be tricky as the perks keep employees productive, seemingly at the expense of their evenings and weekends, though the hard work does lead to promotions and employees get well-paid.


The electronic sign-on and automation company has found favour among its workers by achieving fast growth, yet still managing a positive culture and one that fosters career development.

"The culture, people, and future of this company are certainly reasons to join. I love my job and I love coming into the office each day," one review said.

The company also offers good pay package, though it is a busy company so employees will certainly end up earning their money and will have to work around the company's "growing pains" in some cases.


Well known for its Acrobat Reader tool and creative software suite, Adobe found praise on Glassdoor for offering a strong work-life balance and multiple benefits, such as gym access and multi-cuisine cafes, as well as a sabbatical after five years and generous amounts of time off.

"It is a place where you can build a long-term career, and work on amazing technologies," a review said.

Few downsides were listed, but some reviews did bemoan less competitive salaries and micro-management that can slow some processes down and make the company feel siloed.


The cloud-based CRM provider received praise for its "great culture" and fantastic perks, as well as the pace in which it moves and pursues innovations. Salesforce was also lauded for its corporate ethics and conscientious leadership.

One review noted: "It's an incredibly supportive place to work and you get time off to volunteer; one of the best benefits there can be."

The fast-paced nature of the business can leave some feeling a tad confused and end up having a lack of clarity in their role. And micromanagement can be an issue for some Glassdoor reviewers, lending to the complexity of working in a large company.


The professional networking site has been praised for a suite of perks such as "first rate dining for breakfast and lunch" as well as gym facilities. The company also has an acclaimed mission-centric culture and offers strong career growth and the opportunity for employees to work on specific projects.

"Linkedin has a very strong emphasis on employee wellness and goes the extra mile to care how employees feel and does everything to make them more productive in their daily work. Linkedin offers best quality food, continuous wellness programs, clear paths to advance careers and everything else necessary for happiness," said one anonymous review.

Some reviewers listed a less than stellar salary for working at such a large company, and some noted that success is dependant on teams rather than individuals.


The software and systems firm aimed at helping small to medium businesses has been widely praised for the people and culture it has with such a "talented and lovely people" making up its workforce, as well as a good work-life balance and flexibility.

"I feel like I'm valued. I have a lot of autonomy in how and when and where I work. I feel strongly about the mission of the company. All in all, I'm extremely happy here," noted one reviewer.

Rapid growth, and therefore challenges with change as the company scales, appears to be a prevalent downside to working at HubSpot.


Despite the controversy Facebook has been embroiled in recent times over data privacy and its size and influence, the social network is still considered a top technology company to work for. It has been praised for its diversity, culture, and training opportunities, as well as strong salaries.

"The challenges we face in the wake of press mentions and bad actors abusing our platform causes us to band together and focus in on fixing problems," said one review.

Cons come in the form of a challenging work-life balance and high expectations, as well as rapid and frequent company changes that sometimes presents a hurdle for employees.

Zoom Video Communications

Cloud video conferencing company Zoom has been praised for the focus it shows its employees, not only offering benefits such as gym access and free food, but also plenty of management support. It also has a leadership team that enjoys widespread support from its employees.

"The product literally brings people together all over the world. The culture follow the simple but powerful concept of Caring. Every single person I have met here is incredibly helpful and driven to succeed with their team," one review enthused. "Leadership has a clear vision of where the product will go and the entire company moves in a singular direction to provide world-class care and happiness for our existing and future customers."

A lack of clear advancement and no 401k matching were mentioned as cons by some reviewers, as was the company's growth, meaning there are rapid changes that employees need to be ready to adapt to.

Overall there is a whole suite of US technology companies to work for, many of which have large amounts of benefits and competitive salaries, as well as scope to work on projects and technology that could have a significant impact on business and society.

Roland Moore-Colyer

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