MarqVision detects counterfeit products with deep learning and AI

MarqVision performance page shows potential infringements

MarqVision, the AI-based SaaS company founded by computer scientists and intellectual property (IP) law experts from Harvard University and MIT, recently launched its brand-protection platform to help brands combat counterfeit products online.

Using a deep-learning-based image-recognition model to scan through millions of product product listings, MarqVision’s platform can detect those containing products that look similar to the legitimate brand's products. Its machine learning model then detects potential infringements among those listings and uses a bot-powered reporting system to automatically file take-down requests for listings the brand owner confirms are infringements.

The company says brands can regain sales revenue hijacked by counterfeit and knockoff sellers by using the platform. It claims to also help brands protect their reputation while reestablishing customers' trust.

Additionally, MarqVision claims its AI-powered automation technology offers greater efficiency than traditional anti-counterfeiting solutions that often include IP specialists searching for infringements and filing take-down paperwork manually.

"The counterfeit market is currently a $1.7 trillion industry, which makes it the largest criminal industry in the world," said MarqVision CEO and co-founder Mark Lee. "We have pioneered a technology-driven way to solve this serious problem using artificial intelligence. Our beta clients have experienced a 30-fold efficiency increase in their anti-counterfeiting efforts."

Lee added that detecting and removing counterfeits from e-commerce sites is only the beginning for MarqVision.

"Our engineers are building a mapping technology that matches data points from different e-commerce platforms in order to connect sellers to the infringer behind, reveal the infringer's identity, and allow brands to take legal action against the infringer. We plan on equipping the current product with this sophisticated technology soon so that we can stop the distribution of counterfeits at the source,” Lee explained.

Buyers can sign up for early access to MarqVision online and receive a free one-month trial.