DeskStream buys WorldDesk start-up

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DeskStream - the desktop virtualisation firm - today announced it was acquiring WorldDesk for an undisclosed figure.

Only founded in 2010, WorldDesk is a small start-up firm based in Northern Ireland which provides work desktops in the cloud, using DropBox as its method of storage.

The deal is set to close in the first quarter of this year and, in an unusual move, will see DeskStream take on the smaller company’s name, being branded as WorldDesk “with immediate effect.”

The two teams will merge, with co-founders Jonathan Chesney and Claire Moore also keeping their jobs, and WorldDesk will keep its base in Belfast.

“The combination of DeskStream’s thin client technology and the work WorldDesk has done on the management and delivery of workspaces from the cloud has the potential to transform the mobile computing market,” said Rao Cherukuri, chief executive (CEO) of DeskStream.

“We are already experiencing a sea change in how people view cloud computing and desktop virtualisation. The acquisition of WorldDesk will help us to capitalise on the opportunities that result from this.”

The announcement was made at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.